Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finished Product!!

Recently my gorgeous sister in law Yolande was here in Aus, she is a crafty person just like me! We were inspired to make some babushka type dolls during the time she was here. Esther, my daughter, put her thoughts in as to the fact that they had to fit inside each other being babushkas and if they didnt then that just wasn't right! So I came up with this cute pattern and have been really lucky to have lots of Jodies left over bits of tablecloth edges and old doilies etc to use on them.

These are all made from recycled, upcycled, gifted, or thrifted fabrics, doilies and bits and pieces, very eco friendly!!

I have made them for the craft stall Jodie & I are having.




  1. These are just absolutely gorgeous Rochy!!

  2. Can you post where and when the stall is Rochelle? Some of us would like to come but dont know where it is?? It looks great! I want, I want...